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Bennie and the Jets News
This year marks the 22nd anniversary of Bennie and the Jets. Thank you for your interest. In addition to this website, we have a presence on social media. Check us out on...

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Bennie and the Jets Mail List
We have a mail list. If you'd like to join our list, we'll let you know when we'll be performing near you.
... join the list, click HERE. Courtesy of our friends at FAR Labs.

Bennie and the Jets Mobile
If you have a mobile phone that's web capable or got a new Kindle recently, point your browser to bennieandthejets.mobi -- an additional domain name for the group. If you, or anyone you know has internet access from a cell phone or tablet, try it out. It's another way to stay in touch with us.

Iraq and Kuwait Tour - Bennie and the Jets Entertain Our Troops
We played before our troops who were very enthusiatic and appreciative of our willingness to come all that way to perform for them. We are just as appreciative of the service they provide for us. We had a great time performing and made a lot of new friends and fans. A big THANK YOU to all our troops and the fine staff at MWR for taking care of us over there. It was an experience of a lifetime for us.
Photos of the trip ARE ALSO UP - - click HERE .

Lunch Around The World - NY - October 15, 2008
On Saturday, October 11th, 2008 Greg & Dan performed at the 5th Annual Lunch Around the World - Manhattan Style in Times Square NY benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It was a great event for a very worthy cause. Greg and Dan had a great time in NY performing for the LATW crowd and are thrilled by the response they've received from attendees and the coverage they got on EltonJohn.com. A reporter and camera crew from EltonJohn.com were in attendance at the event to capture all the excitement.

EltonJohn.com shot some video footage of "LATW-Manhattan 2008", which includes some of Greg & Dan's performance and an interview with the boys. Our own Nancy Moraski shot some stills during the event and is also mentioned on the EltonJohn.com site, along with a link to those photographs. Here's a link to the festivities, video, and stills: LATW - Manhattan '08 celebrates 'Billy'

Greg Plays The Red Piano
Greg participated in Yamaha Piano's Red Piano Tour. This is the Red Piano that Elton uses in his Las Vegas show. To see the performance, click HERE. Video courtesy of WSHM TV-3.

Bennie and the Jets' Promotional Material
For venues, promoters, and fans -- Here's print material to use in advertising, for the media and at the venue...
... check out the Promotional Material.

Bennie and the Jets Gig List
Here's a partial listing of the venues where Bennie and the Jets have performed in the past...
... check out the Venue Archive.

Bennie and the Jets' Photo Album
Our fans have said that they want to see more pictures of the band...most of which were taken by Nancy Moraski
Take a peek at her work & visit our photo album.

Bennie and the Jets Audio & Video
Here's where you find audio & video files of us performing some of the wonderful music written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin.....check out Media

Media Coverage of Bennie and the Jets


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